The vision of M.Abu Haltam Group for Investments is a unique one, by which the Group becomes the pioneer Arab company in the field of developing and manufacturing household appliances and electronics, in the MENA region, and to be distinguished, in the Arab region, in providing products and services, that exceed the expectations of its customers.


From its early beginnings, with its first company, back in 1960 M.Abu Haltam group provides its customers with household appliances: Colored Television Sets, Refrigerators, Freezers, and Water Dispensers, Gas cookers Micro-wave Ovens, Vacuum Cleaners and Washing Machines.

Since the establishment of the first industrial company within the Group, in 1993 most of the provided goods to the customers, have been manufactured in the group’s factories, the group started to manufacture colored Television sets, and then the production lines of Washing Machines, Refrigerators, and Air Conditioning units were added. All the produced goods are marketed, in the local market, and many neighboring markets like: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Saudia Arabia. The management philosophy of M.Abu Haltam Group for Investments, is based on continuous improvement and development in the operations and performance.

This philosophy is considered the basis of the group’s internal development strategy.

The focus of all the group’s policies is the customer, who is being provided by goods and services that meet his/her needs and expectations. One of the most important adopted strategies by the group is the human resources development strategy. This stems from the fact that, the most important assets of the group is the human capital

Therefore the group policies focus on human resource development, by conducting continuous training programs, building communication channels, fostering knowledge management practices, as well a helping its employees to achieve their individual goals and aspirations.

M. Abu Haltam Group believes in fulfilling its social responsibilities, especially recruiting employees with special needs, orphans and poor ones, also offering apprenticeship programs.

M. Abu Haltam Group do not focus only on developing and accommodating new technologies in its operation, but goes beyond that to implement the concepts of total quality management in all its supply chain