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About Us

The development and progress of the Group of Companies established by Mr. Mohammad Abu Haltam tells a success story, which events took place in very difficult & challenging times.

The beginning was in 1960 when Mr.M.Abu Haltam established his first trading company. In the field of importing household appliances.

This company had become the sole distributor of many big German, Italian and Korean companies. The size of this company had grown, along the years, to become one of the biggest importers of household appliances, which distribution channels covered all regions in Jordan.

Mr. Mohammad Abu Haltam vision was to establish and run one of the most leading manufacturing companies in the region.

This vision was realized in early 90’s of the last century, by establishing the first industrial firm, for the production of colored television sets, with a production capacity of 300000 TV set, per year, and in collaboration of big south Korean companies. The growth rate of the company had increased dramatically, during the next ten years, during which, new production lines were introduced, to produce air conditioning units, washing machines, refrigerators and satellite receivers, in technical collaboration with the biggest international companies.

A series of successes were achieved afterwards, from penetrating the local market, and realizing a big market share, to developing Arab and regional markets, where 50% of the Group products are being exported to the markets of Syria, Egypt, Saudia, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and other countries.

The technological base of M. Abu Haltam Group continues to grow by the expansion in refrigerators factory, which aimed at reducing the cost, increasing production capacity and enhancing the value added, using “state of the art” machinery imported from Italy and the far East Countries.

The Group strategies focused from the very beginning on introducing high quality products , to meet or exceed customers expectations , this yielded a brand loyalty for the Groups main brand Name “ GENERAL DELUXE “, which has become one of the famous brands locally and in the region .

It is clear, that the vision of M. Abu Haltam, the chairman of the Group depends on the fact that in order for national industries to become highly competitive, they must adapt to the quick technological advancement that is being witnessed in the world of electronics.


The current marketing strategy depends on internal development, development of new markets and penetration of existing markets, through increasing the market share of the Group.

M .Abu Haltam Group for investments, is considered, a huge Industrial complex that tells a success story.

From a small trading company , This Group Has grown into a big corporate , with hundreds of employees, and with tens of thousands of produced units yearly, that are being sold locally, or exported to more than ten countries.